Public Safety Issues Affecting California

Human Trafficking & Sex Offenses Against Children

“No child or adult should live in fear of sexual or labor exploitation”

As District Attorney, Anne Marie Schubert created a successful regional effort to combat human trafficking, made up of more than 30 organizations, law enforcement, and public agencies.  Schubert believes that our next Attorney General should have no higher priority than protecting kids and adults from human trafficking and sexual predators. 

Violent Career Criminals

“Violent criminals must be held accountable for the crimes.”

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert used innovative investigative DNA/Genetic genealogy to bring the infamous Golden State Killer to justice. She has led statewide efforts to preserve and toughen our laws that protect the public from violent criminals. Schubert knows that legislation adopted in Sacramento in recent years has resulted in the early release of many violent, dangerous offenders. As Attorney General, Schubert will be an advocate for holding violent offenders accountable for their crimes.

Illegal Firearms

“Too many tragic crimes are committed with illegal firearms.”

California has some of the toughest gun laws on the books and as Attorney General, Anne Marie Schubert will work to make sure our laws are fully enforced to get illegal firearms off the street and out of the hands of criminals.

Fraud in Government

“Billions in precious tax dollars are being lost due to fraud and abuse in government.”

As Sacramento District Attorney, Anne Marie Schubert led efforts that successfully uncovered the 30 billion dollar unemployment scandal in state government. As our Attorney General, Schubert will use her office to root out fraud and hold those behind it accountable.

Protecting California’s Environment

“We owe it to our kids to do everything we can to protect California’s natural environment”

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert has aggressively prosecuted major corporations for illegal practices that harm the environment. As Attorney General, she will make sure anyone who illegally harms California’s water, air and land is held accountable.


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